Pura Familia at WWE Smackdown
- Televised 10/02/03

Pura Familia was invited to take a car to be Driven to the ring by Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero.

Rene and Art with the Guerreros!
Chavo Guerrero, Rene, Art and Eddie Guerrero after the show.
Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero drive in on David Anthony's 64 Impala from Pura Familia.
David Anthony's 64 at WWE Smackdown.
64 Impala and Chavo Guerrero about to get in the ring!
Damn!, we look short next to "Big Show"!
Art, Big Show and Rene after the show.
Viva La Raza!!!
Rene and the Guerrero's on the 64...
Rene throwing it down with Eddie and Chavo
Eddie and Chavo doing their thing!...
Dave, Eddie, Art and (Dave's friend) after the WWE Smackdown show.
David Anthony backstage with his car at the WWE Smackdown show in Wisconsin.
64 entering the Bradley Center

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